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What is Elves Clan?​​​​​​​
Elves Clan: Tricky Seasons it's a collaborative project that brings together several studios and freelancers, operating from different countries, testing the power of the collective ingenuity in order to express a positive message.
Elves Clan: Tricky Seasons - Explosive Cake
Micro Short Film
Synopsis Micro Short Film

Chicho is a character who is learning to bake a cake to celebrate the Valentine's Day  but he faces a difficulty thanks to the tricky plan of the Clan of Elves who enjoy seeing he go wrong, but the positive and resilient attitude of Chicho's makes that all progress towards an end where the result of the failed plan ends in a fun friendship. A story that reminds us that the most important thing in the Valentine's Day, is to have the ability to turn adverse situations into something constructive and to share with our loved ones and sometimes not so dear, is the secret of living with joy.
"If you can laugh in the face of adversity, you're bullet-proof"
Ricky Gervais
Elves Clan - Video game
Impossible game
Game Description
In Elves Clan: Tricky Seasons you will have to help Triki, Friki and Kiki to reach Chicho's house by jumping obstacles and platforms before they move, break, disappear, or anything else kill you XD! On the way you can collect coins and Tricky-Piranhas ... It seems easy, right? Well, it is not! Because it is a simple game, it can take out your negative emotions but at the same time it will take out your resilience by overcoming obstacles and reaching the goal as well as in life itself.
Download the Elves Clan: Tricky Seasons video game here and don't forget to share it with other friends to test their patience.​​​​​​​
Help them playing
While you play with Triki, Geek and Kiki, you also help raise funds for the Fundación Mamá Lis in its cause of supporting children and adolescents with cancer who do not have the resources to cover the expenses of this disease in Venezuela. This will be possible by allocating a part of the money raised from the advertisements that appear in the video game.
So you know now by playing you can also help others.
You can also donate via​​​​​​​ gofundme.
He is a kind, unconcerned and a little bit clumsy character. His good vibes allow him to take advantage of all adversities and spread others with his explosive laugh.
Rogue, wicked and naughty. He has fun doing tricks in secret only for pleasure, however it seems that he only wants a little bit of attention.
For Friki to make pranks is to rebel against the system, the festivities are nothing more than a consumerist symbol that must be destroyed, although he secretly likes to write love stories.
Naughty, playful and a bit envious, she is very creative when it comes to disturbing others, but very deep down her heart is quite kind and sweet.
Making Of
Image Gallery
About Us
Putting collective ingenuity to the test.
How to develop a project with different teams, work disciplines, a lot of talent and on two continents with three different time zones; where the power of co-creation and investment of human capital were focused and aimed in order to express a positive message.
Why Tricky Seasons?
We do not want this story end here and that is why Tricky Seasons owes his name to, that with the help and contribute of the audience, we hope to be able to release new pranks in different seasons and special dates of the year. Can you imagine what pranks this clan of elves could do on Halloween or Christmas?
The Team
Dyne Studio
In Dyne we offer high quality art direction and production services for different areas from motion design, with collaborative integration and co-creation; where the interaction of an organized creative community generates the professional growth of the industry.
Mork Work
We like to introduce ourselves as a "house of ideas" but in reality we are a couple who decided to pursue what we love most: To fill empty spaces with shapes and colors, and to bring them to life with funny characters. We are a freelance artists open to commissions and from our small studio located in Altea, Spain (Time zone CET), we have the ability to create illustration, character design, storyboards, graphic design, concept art and 2D animations.
Become Studio
We are a multidisciplinary study, focused on the creation of projects in the field of graphic and visual arts, we are characterized by the constant search for improvements in our work processes which translates into better results.
Carlos Figarella
17 years dedicated to design and communication. I believe in the transformative power of design, in the power of ideas, in the power of creative intelligence. I maintain a curious and constructive attitude in the scenarios of uncertainty. 
Ignacio Pérez Marín
CEO 1 + 1 = 3. Music and sound in every way. Professor at Catholic University of Chile and Mayor University.
Nicolás Arce Azar
3D Artist and VFX composer.
Totem TV
We transform spirits into motion graphics // VFX // Post production.
Andrea Yanez
3D Character rigger.
Pedro Da Silva
My work experiences in the animation industry on cable, TV and cinema, have allowed me to focus on 2D graphic animation (and sometimes 3D), offering technical solutions and according to the needs and aesthetic standards of each client.
Juan León
I am a passionate geek about the creation of Indie Games and digital entrepreneurship with a different vision and methodology that mixes cinema, architecture and motion graphics production processes for my creations.
Mood Agency
We are a digital marketing agency that go along with and boost brands in the online world.
Special Thanks
Argenis León - Strategy advisor
Clara Cruz - Voice recordings
Eduardo Dordelly - Voice recordings
Evelin Jerez - Voice recordings
Kenzo Mijares - Color science and technical color files advisor
Liliana Ferro - Strategy advisor
Raynner Gil - Character animation advisor
Terry Williams - Color science advisor
Vanessa Ferraz - Text translation
Families, friends and pets for the great support.
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